Surf League 2011 Round One

June 22nd, 2011


HALIFAX- Melmerby Beach in Pictou County will host round one of the Nova Scotia Surf Lifesaving Series. Surf League is a series of Lifesaving Sport events for lifeguards that includes swimming, running and rescue craft skills.

On Sunday, June 26th at 1:30 p.m., athletes will head to Melmerby Beach to enjoy a day of lifesaving competition brought to you by the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service (NSLS). At this round, lifeguards will participate in a board race, two kilometer beach run, surf swim, tube rescue and wading relay.

These events build up to the final round which will be held at Martinique Beach on August 13th. At the end of the summer, the club with the greatest number of points accumulated in the overall standings is named the league champion. The final competition will be the Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships where lifeguards from across Canada will come to compete. This year’s nationals will be held in Nova Scotia at Martinique and Rainbow Haven Beach from Friday, August 26, until Sunday, August 28.

Paul D’Eon, Director of the NSLS, feels that this event is very beneficial for the lifeguards. “These competitions keep the guards training. They are able to have confidence when having to perform these skills in real situations because they are constantly practicing for them,” says D’Eon.

The Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service is a joint project of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and the Lifesaving Society- Nova Scotia Branch. Beach supervision by the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service will begin on Friday, July 1, until Sunday, August 29, unless otherwise specified. The beaches are generally guarded from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily.


Paul D’Eon, Director (902) 477-6155
Jaimee Dobson, Public Relations Officer (902) 477-6168
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